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Go short, only to get tougher!.Personal Development

Go, went, gone?
The bad habits to which I was prone,
Which made me a slave,
of all niggardly waves,
and so I always behaved,
in a defeated manner,
But no, I wanted to be a winner!
So Go!

Only to come back.
with tools of self development in a pack
through ‘positive attitude’ ‘self development’ to hatch,
so as to encompass good habits all in a rack.
As a soldier of Good Will, must carry in one’s sack.
To imbibe within oneself, at each readiness tap,
Arduous trekker! under ‘Tuff Trackers” cap.
Step in step. You go!

So go!
Dispersing away,
Disbursing the elixir of humanity all the way,
Such that this impoverished world at l(e)ast turns savvy,
with the scent flowing vice Piped Pipers quality
And the whole world re-blossoms,
Extending an invitation to all fathomers,
To fetch them; you go!

But, while you Go!
Turn the world as all green, rosy and pink,
inspite treks mountainous, ravines narrow, presence of sinks
may make your task strenuous and grueling,
Yet, you go.
To be duly reincarnated of all the sins;

But, even before the eyes do blink!
Please be back. Soon!
much before you were gone?

© 2002 Priyavrat Thareja

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