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The 20 papers presented in seminar shall be put up here shortly.


While Competitive Product Development is prime on the national agenda of Quality improvement, achieving design competence @ engineering education of PEC students is an objective PEC has outrightly pursued in the last 4 years. First it was ‘Technical Arts’ introduced as a part of BE curriculum. After the recently celebrated successes in Moon Buggy design, and widely acclaimed product development -the Moon Impact probeby an Alumnous of PEC; it was now a turn for putting innovation stimulus in a newer mood. The day of 29th Sept. dawned with a seminar on interdisciplinary subject “Competitive Product Development”, organised by Met Engg Deptt, PEC, which was inaugurated by an eminent Engineer Mr G K Pillai, CMD of Heavy engineering Corporation, Ranchi. Mr Pillai, an alumnous of

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COMPETITIVE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Seminar Programme at Chandigarh, 29th Sept 2009
Brief Plan of 29th Sept
Venue: Auditorium PEC

Registration 9 to 9.15 am

INAUGURAL SESSION 9.30 am (to be in seats by 9.15)
Welcome address, 9.30-35
Introduction to Seminar 9.35 -45
Lighting of lamp 9.45- 9.55
Address by Director PEC 9.55- 10.15
Address by Guest of Honour: Er Chandra Mohan, Padam Shree 10.15- 10.35
(Introduction to chief guest: Mr V P Saha WFO Chair- Energy )10.35 - 10.40
Address by Chief guest: Er G K Pillai, CMD, HEC Limited Ranchi 10.35- 11.00
Vote of Thanks 11.00-11.05

HIGH TEA11.05-11.35


Prof Y P Kathuria, Prof Electronics Engg Aiichi Inst of Tech, Japan 11.45-
Er Deabashish Sarkar to 1.30 pm (
Mr SP Sharma MD, Creativity, Creativity in Product Development 1.30 to 1.50 pm



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COMPETITIVE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Conference at Chandigarh, 29th Sept 2009

PEC University of Technology

Sector 12, Chandigarh , INDIA

The Success of an Engineer is marked by his /her competencies over a thorough ‘Product development’ with a promise to

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