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How to build a good Vocabulary.Personal Development

Building Vocabulary

Vocab helps you knit your thoughts well.

To build good communication
skills you need to choose the Right Word in a right Way
and to succeed inl MBA

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Koestler – Bisociations

Koestler argued that creativity is mainly connecting the seemingly unconnected. A man comes home, finds his wife with the priest and starts preying. ‘What are you doing asks the priest’ surprised. ‘Well’, said the man, ‘you are doing my job, I am doing yours’. In this joke, the world of cheating ‘bisociated’ with the world of job replacement.

From Roni Horowitz

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Various News papers in India carried stories of Burgeoning impact of “Eastern Influence on American Business”
C.K. Prahalad Recently BusinessWeek has an interesting article on the rise of Indians in the study of management. They mention names like C.K. Prahalad (Fortune At the Bottom of the Pyramid), Ram Charan (Profitable Growth Is Everyone’s Business), and Vijay Govindrajan (Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators).

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The Tharejas wish you all for a very prosperous and joyous festival of Lights.

Om Shri Ganesh-aye NamahMay Godess Lakshami bestow wealth pleasures and happiness on you all.

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Some photographs are put here.
More to follow- 20 days ;-)

NCC Camp Photographs

the inconvenience is regretted

Major Priyavrat Thareja

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