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Farewell Hindi Style

Glimpses, in interim, come and leave,
withinin various events of each journey,
some merely suceed in inviting attention,
others often get remebered like Dreams,
however only few draw your obeissances.

Of the latter class is an instance of last May!
For that ever in my mind is bound to stay.
When, therein, on the verge of our departing,
the school Juniors celebrated the Departure Day!
jubilantly, to make such event a memorable thing.

Rather, Indellible became that youngest chum;
the smallest Girl, by size and age, of all juniors,
indeed a chicken hearted though spirits no low,
(As quite sentimental there she had become),
Spurted out” Tusi Jaa Rahe ho!; Tusi Naa Jao!

Copyright 2001 Priyavrat Thareja

About the celebration of teachers day

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What a Poem is to Me

To me a poem is beyond words that rhyme
and measured lines.
It has a body like that of a man,
That sees loveliness in simple things,
Hears the songs of birds in fields of gold,
Smells the fragrance of roses upon one’s nose,
Tastes the sweetness and bitterness of tears,
And feels the softness of the breeze upon one’s skin.

A poem has a heart
that knows the hidden beauty and darkness
of humanity –
and a soul
that lives within the body;
gives life to the words and
essence to the thoughts.

A poem may be a prayer,
a phantasm,
a song
or a hymn.
A poem’s grace is far beyond word’s that rhyme
and measured lines.
It is beauty.
It is life.
Once it is written, it never dies.
It’s beauty lives on
from eternity unto eternity.

March 16, 2007
11:35 PM

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Why marks are lower: Because

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