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Are we aware that we live?
Not until someone makes us aware of the fact that ‘We have made that difference’!
When the doing were good - the awareness that we live is positively poised, and in contrary

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‘The Essence of Quality’ – Delineating a Poetical Treatment

Quality is a celebration. Quality is a transcendental appreciation. Quality is the successful beginning of a final response to one’s ovation. Is it a definition of Quality, or a display of poetry is not the question, any attempt to let the system explore beyond what has been digested, is always a worthwhile suggestion.

That is what Quality is, the awareness coming up from a pure salvation it remains an ultimate product of Gurus, Let it set in well, by cultural modification or by statutory regulations.

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Keywords: Bad Quality Units (bku), wearer knows where pinches the shoe, Bad Quality, Definitions of Quality

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by Priyavrat for everyone

Hello studentsof 6th Sem BE (and ME Met 1st year),

This is your teacher Priyavrat Thareja, destined to teach you TQM.
I am rather another learner, who will want to work with you in Tandem,

Because TQM is not merely a course work… It is a philosophy, and a a rigour.
TQM is a Domain Free subject…for one and all, be it a hotlier or a good teacher

TQM facilitates Design in controlling SOFTWARE QUALITY, together with performance,
Be it a Quality of Design of the Vehicle, or the Design of its software for Conformance.

TQM helps produce good steel, and weigh well in technology for reinforcement in cement,
TQM is used in designing of complex town planning, architecture of construction Management,

As a part of big Commitment, TQM is a Too Good a word for competititive inference,
Sure, there are added opportunities for careers here, because of TQM, and its significance.

Priyavrat Thareja

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Published DOOM QUALITY WITHOUT FREEDOM, Vol. VI, Issue 10, pp. 3-7, October 2009 download a copy

How can one enjoy work- is a good question both for the employer and the employee. Consider the work which is as taxing and conclusive as fighting a war. Believe it, if the soldier is not trained, he would simply run away from the battlefield. If it were difficult to avoid duty, as a consequence of internal and/or external pressures, then the result is

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TQM was a term transformed from Japanese policy of ‘Total Quality Control’… which was a epilogue to quality assurance. It has since graduated to a new paradigm.

Today TQM is applied to all industries, business, and activities. Be it a Hotel or a Hospital. Be it ‘Educational Institution’ or ‘Engineering Enterprise’. Be it a Pan (Beetle leaves) Shop or a Park (play-garden). Be it an Advocate’s office or Aircraft maintenance consultancy organization.

The tool is generic, and terminal to trials(Supreme).{these are individual views of Priyavrat Thareja} Terminal because of the fact that TQM is ‘Total’ and ultimate. Good TQM (implementation) takes responsibility of Systems in place which must work endogenously [4].

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