What is ‘TQM’

When the quality control expects no threats
and the Quality assurance no priority,
When continuous improvement is in hands of no cheats
All ‘Kaizens’ Kings are no big

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Hair, kept well is no crime,
question here is: when devoid of shine!
these are no longer worth a dime.
So it of task prime,
to call, 

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My quotations

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Poem on Y2K ( Year 2000 Problem for computers).

Do you comprehend the Computer professionals‘ stance to lay special significance, on approaching Year 2000?
It‘s because that, they entail, new year 2000, in terms of Y2K, afflicts a computers dooms day.
Why 2K? when they ask why?

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How the guise of inadvertent errors, at times caused due to poor insight into processes or foresight into systems, is exploited to stage a punishment for a devoted, learning- enthusiastic and young project manger is the essence of Arsonist’s Six Sigma Mystery in Robert Barry’s second book on Nan’s series. How the head nurse

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