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Knowledge.. a product of knowing…is the milestone of a journey to competence.

Untill knowledge accompanies a good value addition the labour involved in acquiring it may be entirely useless. e.g. the development of a technology, say a superlative advancement in a pager, as consummated by Motorola, when the product had already undergone a transformation at some other place, even though the product or technology had not even started on its maturity phase on the product life cycle.

The path of acquiring Knowledge, however simple or however complex, does not fade out, for it leaves experiences which can be retraced for a similar journey, which can be now be made productive. Generally 40 % of all efforts in Design, on an average are wasted. There is yet a substantial benefit of reinvesting in proper Designing and planning to achieve success. Similarly, let the knowing or learnings be plethoric……IF it is carried out as a part of some indulgence in learning, it should end up, at last, as being helpful! and, Till the process of unlearning were in place.
Quotes Ariel Barrios-Medina, Knowledge at School of Pharmacy and Biochemistry — Buenos Aires University, at 8:55 am EST on March 7, 2008 “Knowledge is the only instrument of production that is not subject to diminishing returns”, . John Maurice Clark, Journal of Political Economy, 1923
He posted it in a reply to the Matthew Henry Hall caption “Knowledge, the most powerful sleeping pill”.

I too Undoubtedly feel that Knowledge is a vital possession for: Knowledge, You have the power to sustain, as a ledge, the flows of an ignorant storm.D(r)e(a)ming for a Quality World”, March 08
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The Process in Process Approach

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Angenommen es gibt zwei M?er mit konkurrenzf?gen Gewehre kurz gegeneinander. Lassen Sie den Mann hinter Gewehr A und / oder B-Gewehr gleicherma?n st?sten in Bezug auf die Bek?fung der alle Verg?igungen im Zusammenhang mit dem Arm (Gewehr) und / oder dem Boden. Allerdings nicht in Bezug auf die Motivation und Ausbildung der Shooter. Vorausgesetzt, die Chancen zu diesen beiden Soldaten sind von gleichem Wert und Qualit? source of German translation

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