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Managing your work in office (In Roman)

Daftar mein gar kiya nahin kaam,
Kyo ki pure karne’ the’ arman,
To na le jao ghar me thakan,
aur gatar mein pheko apni Shaan!

Ghar mein agar le jaoge gar kaam!
Jo tha subhe Daftar ke Naam,
na barbad hoti dekho apni Sham,
aur khowo apni muskaan!

Umeed par Tika hai Mukaam!
Raat pari hai abhi tammam,
Laga kar ham ek jaam
Pura kar dale ge Daftar ka kaam!

Par hua agar apko Zukam,
To laga kar sir par balm,
Zaroor kar lena pura aram.
Nahi to hovo ge bahut pareshaan!

Le meri Nasihat ko Sir Anjam,
Daftar ka Pura karo vahin kaam,
Chahe ho Sir Dard ya Zukaam,
Nahi to Ho na jaoge aap badnam!

@ 2006, Prof P Thareja

@ 2004 Priyavrat Thareja


… read conversation between Mr. Watt and William Knott*…

“Who’s calling?” was the answer to the telephone.


“What is your name, please?”

“Watt’s my name.”

“That’s what I asked you. What’s your name?”
*Confusion confuses and creates confusion to further the confusion**

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The downloadable link for the recent publication of: Developing the structural model based on analyzing the relationship between the barriers of Green Supply Chain Management using TOPSIS Approach
in Materials Today: Proceedings (
article MATPR_18327 -
It is a 50 days’ free access to the article - valid till before December 23, 2020.

Authors Neeraj Lamba and Dr Priyavrat Thareja
Abstract: Day-to-day, growing environmental impact on the industries

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I am conscious
of, which are my actions precious
and which other few Vicious;
Towards an eco- Footprint
That Is left back by all of us,
while we are not cautious!

So, as and when I grow up,
I’ll ensure I do not muddle up -

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our new paper …. Modelling of barriers pertaining to implementation of green supply chain management using ISM approach
by Er Neeraj Lamba and Dr Priyavrat Thareja, published in Materials Today: Proceedings is available for download: ……
download1 or alternatively or Your personalized Share Link:

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