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“Like most people in quality improvement, I’m not a statistician,” Mercer says.
“I’m a chemical engineer who appreciates and need to use statistics. I’ve tried other statistical software packages, but they aren’t helpful for a typical Six Sigma researcher or process engineer ……. it’s tough to know what to do—especially if you don’t already have an extensive statistical background. Minitab’s dialog boxes are straightforward, but they contain all the options you need for a good data analysis. That’s why it’s so popular among colleges and in industry—it’s streamlined and easy to use, but it’s also very powerful.”
[The] Assistant feature

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The Worthy advance of her through her!

Step by step

wearring a gentleman’s cap

he advances

towards her..

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My papers on Lean.Education

The Need

From Compulsion to commonsense to Culture

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May, the pious festival of lights,
Lights the next year bright,
makes it joyful. loving and great,
for you, one, prosperous and safe!
each COVERS be the king of Knights

Copyright 2010, Priyavrat thareja

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happy Deepavali.General

On the Festive of Lights, we pray to God to Light (illuminate) the lamps of self realization &say, O God !

Dispel the Ignorance within us
God bless and grant us Vivek (wise counsel)
Accept with joy The Victory of to

His Version over our Vision
His Designs over our Desires
His Awards over our Actions
His Decision over our Dreams
His Providence over our Plans
His Hagiology over our Hypothesis
His Conception over our Perception
His Dispensations over our Demands

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