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‘Freeze’ the metal to desired shape is not the only wonder, a process called die casting promisies to the manufacturing engineers. The process has to ability to produce sound Quality plus hi-fidelity surface reproduction, thanks to a rigid shape the die metal is capable of mettling.

If you wanna download a descriptive free e book, on Fundamentals of Die Casting written by Dr G Bar-Meir press the link and enoy:

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The Process in Process Approach
By Priyavrat Thareja

Skills are more a result of scientific endeavour than patience. be it archery or firing with a rifle. This article prepares you to handle the weapon, so that the first shot fired is First Time Right. the bullet never comes back but the returns will. Read on the first part.

The First Lesson in Firing

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Banish Nature-unfriendly Acts

My Target was to limit 5 words in each line, a line of 2 sentences of two words and three words each.Hope it woorks. This is an Experiment in its own right in Poetry :-)

Lavish acts allure! Notoriety matures!
Concerns get sore! Austerity bores!

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