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Poem on Y2K ( Year 2000 Problem for computers).

Do you comprehend
the Computer professionals‘ stance to
lay special significance,
on approaching Year 2000?
It‘s because that, they entail, new year 2000,
in terms of Y2K,
afflicts a computers dooms day.

Why 2K? when they ask why?

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How big is a Language?

The media for communication and thought
is not merely a Language, which is fraught,
It provides a web for Local Area Network,
in a finite domain spread as Gauge,
Yet. a paradox of total (infinite) connectivity sustains.

The complicated language in complexity is large
Because, apart that the Language reinvents itself,
with each small cultural change in gauge.
albeit, boundaries attempt a periodic sabotage!

Say, if the gauge becomes coarse and rough,
it changeth the language, like Dough(doe) reads dough.
At times there is utter astonishment,
When read should be read as red, or let
water is lead(led) in lead (leed)pipes of Lead (metal + direction) inlets,

Such minute things let you stammer each Minute.
while, it is Info-exchange, which rules the roost,
until gauge assumes global dimensions of Internet,
Venturing, why Intra aberrations need be given boost?

So, let Language expand wider in silence,
lest communication should be hindered in boundaries,
With soft words, of quiet quality of softness,
in a defined space of global infiniteness.
untill all is interspersed, fully, in this Global! net.

copyright 2003 - 2014, Priyavrat Thareja

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