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A Total Quality Organization Thru’ People
(Part 22 : P2P-Schema for a Pupil’s Development)

People and Pupils are two components of an organization, weighting towards the former category. While the former are proactive to procedures set up by the organizations, continually working to meet specifications, we need to set up systems which are autogenously improvement-oriented

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Open Book exam: Besterfield , MITRA, some good author/ Publisher:

1. Taguchi ’s philosophy of Robust Design:
Parameter Design
Tolerance Design and System Design
Taguchi’s Loss Function
S/N ratios
Design with specs given & centering.

2.Concept of standardisation, control and Quality improvement
Affinity diagrams and interrelationships (relationship diagrams).
7 PC tools
Computations of Relative Priority,
Prioritisation Matrix, pareto’s Law

3 Control Charts , IMR, X bar- R, Dtd Dev Charts, P, U, C, nP, Charts etc.
Failure modes
criticality analysis

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Topics to be covered say from Besterfield for example:
Definition of Quality (page 1-17)
* QM principle ( Leadership) 18,27,31,4

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      A Total Quality Organization Thro’ People


The tools serve to do a range of works, from physical and manual work to measure, and to innovate, or even (tools to) extrapolate a higher order thinking

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What careers are in store for you?

Equipped with knowledge of Quality…. You are better off….
As a proficient worker,,,with profound knowledge

Having been able to analyse situations better?
Putting Data to better Work?
care for customer?
Implementing Continual improvement, and with the pull generated… be innovative?

So You have better jobs?
You seek better remuneration…

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