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Defining a ‘world class’…. has been a crazy idea.

A simple business Definition is:
Goods, services, and processes that are ranked by customers and industry-experts to be among the best of the best. This designation denotes standard-setting excellence in terms of design, performance, quality, and customer satisfaction and value when compared with all similar items from anywhere in the world.
better still:
• A general term for a high level of competitive performance as defined by benchmarking and use of best practices.
) _
• organizations that are recognized as the best for at least one critical business process and are held as models for other organizations.

A definition is elusive, but c*.* still strive for it

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Innovation is the conversion of knowledge and ideas into a benefit, which may be for commercial use or for the public good; the benefit may be new or improved products, processes or services.

Innovation and technological change are without doubt the main drivers of economic growth at organisational, sector and economy-wide levels.

Worldwide studies show that innovation is the key to the competitiveness of businesses and of nations. A strong and well developed innovation system and culture will underpin economic growth and social well-being for Queensland.

Innovation Maverick

The innovation maverick is that individual who perceives the way forward in an organization through the creation of innovative concepts.
When an organization is in the entrepreneurial phase, the maverick is the driving force

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Assume there are two Men with Rifles competitively poised against each other. Let the man behind rifle A and/ or rifle B be equally advantaged in terms of all fighting perks pertaining to the Arm (rifle) and/or the ground. However not in terms of motivation or training of the shooter. Assuming Opportunities provided to these two soldiers are of same value and quality.

The moot questions now are:
a) Who fires the first shot?
b) Who fires the Last shot?
c) Who fires the Middle shot?

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There are several Questions:
What is ‘World Class?’
Is the term ‘World Class?’ fuzzy?
What is a ‘World Class Organisation? ‘a ‘World Class product?’ ‘a ‘World Class Institution?’
‘a ‘World Class system?’ ‘a ‘World Class Essay?’ etc or a ‘a ‘World Class Foundry?’

infact have we/ any one been able to define World Class?

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Wanna Attract a bit of successes into your life ?

One can attempt to Redefine your definition of success.

Here is the method:

Create a personalized list of “Top 10’s” for the year.

Your lists might include “Top 10 Hurdles I Overcame in 2007″

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