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How the guise of inadvertent errors, at times caused due to poor insight into processes or foresight into systems, is exploited to stage a punishment for a devoted, learning- enthusiastic and young project manger is the essence of Arsonist’s Six Sigma Mystery in Robert Barry’s second book on Nan’s series. How the head nurse

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When a book is designed in a way that it unmistakably simulates the learning to an indelible conclusion, further the messages are identified in 40 odd chapters of the book, and the readers tends to correct the incompetencies in him or her through a paradigm of Poka Yoke (pronounced Poka (ka as in car), OK with a prefixed sound of y) the Japanese term of fool-proofing, then the book should be a must read for not only all the quality enthusiasts, but additionally for the role players, namely the young executives, computer and automation enthusiasts, personal secretaries and even detectives.
The book in question is “Nan- A Six Sigma Mystery”, which could double up as a textbook for the students of communication skills, not because of its high readability, worth sustaining an interest because of the glueyness of a suspense novel, but for the system theory, which entwines the plot of a mystery.

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Do you love to eat oranges, almonds, spinach, mushrooms, apples, broccoli, carrots?
Just include them in your diet, for everyday. Let them nourish you and your heart.

Control of the eating is important. Quality and Quantity wise. What is not required

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Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. … Each one of us is at a different level in life and each are on his or her ……id…
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Everyone is capable of learning something new, but the way in which one learns varies drastically from person to pEveryone is capableerson.

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Combat H1N1 - the Swine Flue Virus.Personal Development

Cold & Flu Survival Toolkit to Combat H1N1 - the Swine Flue Virus
The Menace of second wave of Swine Flue, caused by Virus H1N1 is being forecast.

To recall this is more deadly, in a way then AIDS, caused by HIV virus, because you can not stop a neighbour from sneezing ( though one should etiquettes wise use a handerkerchief to abate that blow of mucus.

How the first wave has been deadly was talked about in the previous pages .

The answer however is in the main ‘precaution’- To was your hands as frequently as you can, and not by a soap rich in germicidals ( like *tol), but by ordinary soaps.

A better answer is in Yoga- keeping healthy- the Indian way.

I quote here a worthy prevention- story from ‘PureNaturalDiva‘ titled Cold & Flu Survival Toolkit - Remedies From My Home To Yours

Cold & Flu Survival Toolkit - Remedies From My Home To Yours
Author: PureNaturalDiva / Published: November 06, 2009 at 8:04 pm


Every mom has it, a cold and flu survival kit.

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