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10/20/30 Powerpoint rule

Guy Kawasaki shares his “rule” for effective Powerpoint presentations, which I will paraphrase below:

“10” is the optimal number of slides.
“20” is the number of minutes it should take to give the presentation
“30” is the minimum font size that you should be using (i.e., no smaller than 30)
Lots of other tips for those that a creating presentations for venture capitalists in Guy’s post, but the 10/20/30 rule is universally applicable.

I pwesonally prefer mre slides for a 20 min. presentation.
lots of graphice, which you can move…

To improve Graphics the paradigm is VISUAL

…….Visuals are an effective training tool, but only when they enhance - not detract - from your training delivery. Use visuals in your training presentation according to these rules:

As an acronym the Visual is;
> Visible: Words on visuals are large enough, and you don’t block the view.
> Interesting: Oriented to the learner, visuals make use of pictures, graphs, color, and bullets.
> Simple: Information is concise, and key concepts are highlighted.
> Useful: Visuals help the trainer and the learner stay on track.
> Accurate: Information on the visuals matches the participants’ materials.
> Long-lasting: Visuals facilitate retention and help the learner transfer and apply concepts.

source * as under <

P Thareja

* Characteristics of Effective Training Visuals
By Elaine Biech
Part of the Training For Dummies Cheat Sheet

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