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“It is highly stimulating, and highly conceptual.”- Editor FOUNDRY

Total Quality Organisation through Prople-Part -17 : Impossible problem solver
—————————————-PART- 18 8-D ate thy Problems

If the author can think of a Possible Reason for any Black (unexplained) Lacunae which should be Engineered for Mitigation, then I call it a problem. If it is known or it cannot be solved, then it is a limitation. If it has been avoided attention,

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Capturing the Peoples Advantage

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Role of engineers emphasised
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Chandigarh, September 29
A seminar on “Competitive product development” was organised at PEC University of Technology by the department of metallurgical engineering today.

Inaugurating the seminar, Er GK Pillai, CMD, heavy engineering corporation, Ranchi, emphasised on the role of engineers. “They have to serve as an engine of growth, which has to accomplish the aim of product development with the challenge of not only cost cutting but also to cater to the conservation of natural resources or global warming,” he said.

Earlier welcoming delegates, organising committee chairman and head, department of metallurgical engineering, Prof P Thareja, cited that as the recession was withstood well by the industry, sustainable competence could not be ascertained unless ingenious development of prototype was not ensured.

Prof YP Kathuria, a professor at Aichi Institute of Technology, Toyota, Japan, delivered a lecture on rapid prototyping technology. He displayed the new generation equipment, which included flexible materials, vaccum pressed components, tool and mould construction.

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best joke in a competition organized in Britain and this joke was sent by an Indian……

A MBA and an Engineer go on a camping trip, set up
their tent, and fall asleep. Some hours later, the
Engineer wakes his MBA friend.
“Look up

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