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The Employment Outlook in Today’s Increasingly Competitive IT Job Market, from the Information Technology Association of America, is located at Adding Value… Growing Careers

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Go Words

“Go” incidently is not a word. It is a sentence. It is the smallest sentence in English Language. It is a world which can be used for motivation. See for yourself!Go! Only to Come Back’Go’ is a game. Like ‘Kho’ is a name, predominantly played in schools by girls.

The Asian game of Go has a fascinating vocabulary, including terms of great relevance to everyday life:

Tesuji is “skillful play”, mastery of tactics — important, but incomplete without strategic understanding.
Lightness refers to efficiency and poise — a readiness to take on whatever challenges may appear.
Sente is the initiative — an action so important that others must pay attention and respond.
Gote, the opposite of sente, is a low-priority activity — something that can be deferred until there is time.
Thickness is strength, an aura of power which influences events even a great distance away.
Aji (literally “taste” or “flavor”) means latent energy — long-term potential for good or ill that persists, ready for activation at the appropriate moment

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Building a Total Quality Organisation (say a Foundry) is not a child’s play. It is the concentrated and conscientious effort of man. Foundrymen in their unison who have teamed up to success. It is not as easy as would Shakespeare write his plays. Shakespeare used the 26 alphabets of English language, in various permutations and combinations, to compose his works (plays) for the foundrymen, On the other hand the foundrymen have sands to their disposal which is rough and coarse aggregates, and can not simply create that environment, which Shakespeare would easily castle. Yet the foundryman in order to satisfy his customer, with the same zeal and same attitude as Shakespeare would have done by aligning letters, must use each sand particle judiciously to world class results. Aligning particle by particle, let each sand particle improve the world, and make his Foundry a world class Foundry. What are his equipments, tools and the likes? This paper attempts to highlight the role a foundrman must attempt to exercise world class activity towards engineering a Total Quality Foundry.

Keyphrases: Juran’s trilogy for Foundrymen, Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality imperatives in a Foundry, World Class Manufacturing, Definition of World Class Foundry, Complex role of Foundrymen

Cite Reference as: Thareja P, (2006), ‘A Total Quality Organisation Through People: (Part 4), Building a World Class Foundry, Foundry, July/Aug, Vol XVIII, No 4 :37-43

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What does your favorite ice cream flavor say about you?
Choose it from the list below to find out!

Butter Pecan
Chocolate Chip
Double Chocolate Chunk
Mint Chocolate Chip
Rocky Road

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