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A Total Quality Organization Through People
(Part 9 : Team-up to Total Transformation)

There is an urgent need to team up your foundries. Not only by limiting to value added Products or Processes, but also to hone up Policies so that the process owners, i.e. the People are Grown. Most of the improvements are made in the ‘manual’ mode.
• Who will initiate these improvements is none but the People.
• Who teaches them is none but their individual motivation.
• Who provides them the improvement stimulus and the environment is none but their collective bargain: over the process demands, over the product quality optimization, over the lean-ing of organization to efficiency and the cost effective and continual Learning.
It mandates a Total Transformation, a strategic Change in Policies and the Paradigm of organisational (Founding)governance. This part of the paper is an attempt to provide a Road Map for People’s Teaming-up to Transformation.

Key Words : Change, Juran Quality Trilogy, Deming’s 14 Points, Team Work, Strategy, Leadership, Culture

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Don’t Leave Day’s work to 2morrow?

Daftar mein gar kiya nahin kaam,
Kyo ki pure karne’ the’ arman,

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