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The Guys and Gals of my Hind

In a country as old as Hind,
There lived some Guys and Gals in Pradesh Sind
The Gals never did use their mind,
That’s why they got severely left behind,
And the guys rolled on to fall in line!
No wonder they followed the scent of daffodils in wind!
And that complacency allowed Sind drift away from Hind

© 2005 Priyavrat Thareja

Classical Indian Education

The curriculum of education in Gurukulam,
Produced disciples as cool as lamb.
Though as tall in values as a tomb,
And as secure in knowledge as child in womb.

Mythologically they well aquainted with God Ram,
Yet mystically they were equally cupid with small RAM
Using PC’s to operating excellence of PARAM ( Indian Super Computer)
It is integrating technologically with precious DHARAM

Such, Gurukulam Shishyas today can holistically plan,
What rest consider as Chewing (iron) Grams.

© 2005 Priyavrat Thareja

Dhirubhai Ambani
Now celebrated, young Dhirubhai Ambani was a matriculate,
Never to conclude that he had received his education quite late,
As the envious success couldn’t be achieved without literacy,
His potency and efficacy were never troubled by low adequacy?
Moreover his small education was entrepreneurial and first rate.

A young resourceful teacher from Gurukulum,
Was scarcely efficient in use of his cerebellum,
Yet when it came to conceptual problem solving,
He timed his ‘command and control’ in the offing,
adding a pinch of lime and chilly into his curriculum.
Magical Operations

The magic formula for competitive succession
does possibly prevail when success must happen:
To get them linearly aligned to perceptions,
‘one’ has to mention following three actions:
1.Knowing customer domain, and making sense
2.Monitoring motivation cum operator attendance
3.Befitting automated operations with IT stimulants
Using these holistically with relevant variants;
Integrating them all is vital to one’s cognizance
That’s the magic formula for competitive succession

© 2005 Priyavrat Thareja


The quality of teaching process in a class of the vintage,
Never went without having set in a large stage of advantage,
Once they packed a brain storming session getting so stormy,
Where, the start of every chapter preceded a live ceremony,
Though they ‘knew it all’; before kids showed off the stage.

© 2005, Prof Priyavrat Thareja .

The acumen and wisdom of the philosopher Emerson,
has worked well for fine tuning, even in case of his son:
Once Emerson while deploring some of his common sense,
noted ‘Attitude is a small thing that can make a big difference”
for, “Nothing great can ever be achieved without enthusiasm”.

Archimedes was though never seeking a reward,
He relied on a brave scientists who look towards,
moving the earth without expending any dough,
enthusiastically, he asked for a lever long enough,
So he could single handedly move the world.

Inspite the Indian manufacturers had ideas galore,
Our systems were never so like Japanese mature,
Nevertheless, the progress was inevitable with tools local,
Yet, failure certainly is forthcoming with attentions bifocal,
Evidently, coming events must cast their shadows before.

© Prof Priyavrat Thareja 2005

Human Resource Training styles World over are real swell!
English people deplore their workers as if to push them into Hell,
Americans though criticize them to their brim, but much in private,
Japanese however never consider them for accusation or any ill-fate,
But, in Indian systems there are no positives, I can distinguish and tell!

The success in doing something, is marked by always ‘First time right’
work designed and planned in such a way, that causes no confusion or fight,
Mistakes are duly identified and corrected without having to jump vaults,
System performances approved when operations show absence of faults,
Call it any: tqm or 6-sigma, concern for poka yoke must ever stay in sight.

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