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Quality is very abstract, but personal quality is not. What is the difference between quality and personal quality is that quality chases in former. However in the present case of personality, the quality is chased, to help the seeker, to excellence. The difference therefore, is only that there is no consistency in chasing in the latter.

I for example would chase quality to improve my personality, and then give way (lower my resistance) to things more urgent but certainly indignant to quality. Such lapses not only deviate one’s impetus to personality improvement, but rather derail it.

The issues discussed in this work are driven from some historical cases, and integrated for motivation around a paradigm of “The six petals of a blossoming personality,”.(i) Bearing, (ii) Character, (iii) Discipline (iv) Knowledge, (v) Positivity and (vi) Communication.

Keywords: [Quality traits, Personality, Definition of quality, national Cadet Corps, Cardinal points, DG NCC

Personal Quality Improvement in Youth (January 29, 2010). Quality World, Forthcoming. Available at SSRN:

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