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Do you love to eat oranges, almonds, spinach, mushrooms, apples, broccoli, carrots?
Just include them in your diet, for everyday. Let them nourish you and your heart.

Control of the eating is important. Quality and Quantity wise. What is not required, accumulates in. If it finds no exit route, then! It’s labour is your pain!

Some things dissolve the fats. Control their intake, Quality and Quantity wise- Olive Oil, and Citrus fruits say Lemon will Le’me on them.
…………OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS is one super food fovouring better health of excellent heart! It is available in the form of capsules ( OG3VEG) too. It stabilizes blood sugar, reduces Triglycerides and normalizes blood pleasure.

Fat start dissolving after a long brisk walk. Unfortunately the heart is a late responder to walk. so walk to wake it up, and walk to work it up. walk that the heart weeds out the deposited fat.

The heart which weeds out the fat.. the heart that loves the cat.
That heart sustains competitor’s brickbats,
Has the head of a Socrates
has the strength and zeal of a technocrat

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