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What is ‘TQM’
When the quality control expects no threats
and the Quality assurance no priority,
When continuous improvement is in hands of no cheats
All ‘Kaizens’ Kings are no big celebrities!
When excellence is ever- all in the fleet,
And ‘perfection’ is the Organisation’s integrity,
The performance of this Organisation then,
Is “TOTAL” as of being a Quality’ Franchisee.

Is ‘Quality’ worthy to Franchise for?

‘Quality’ is a Heaven-ous state,
Of a controlled ‘domesticated’ process;
Where the asking is for ‘Target’ please,
and ‘No’ extraneous effort to impress.
Every action was preplanned to design,
so Poka Yoke is like a God’s bless
The Franchisee is ‘made’ to succeed
in a coveted System of Inbuilt success.

How is Success Inbuilt?

A successful beginning,
To a successful end,
Success in the interim processes,
an ultimate success the customer ingresses
That’s what Deming proposed,
And Juran progressively regressed
So craft a systemic approach for Success,
For, TQM eventually succeeds like success.
© Prof Priyavrat Thareja 2005

Ref: 10. P. Thareja, et al, “Total Quality Management - A Developmental Perspective”, Journal of Production Research & Management Volume 1, Issue 1, February, 2011, Pages pp 34-52.

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