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The Societal Paradox

The world today is much more paradoxical than yesterday,
At work prevails heterogeneity, while in private it is gay?
Communicating by wire for work, though physically on the move
Today’s loafers ‘Geri’ with Android, while commuters are in soup.

Such Change is obsessed by rapid changes in technology,
For instance, the Complexity – alternating with simplicity,
In the name of ‘Total Control over Rights’ , acronym is IPR,
which facilitates higher investments into the innovation Gear.

Albeit intellectual property better be ‘Openly Re-Sourced’.
It can’t be that inventors & ‘process owners’ are out in cold?
However, for intellectual enhancement one has total liberty,
Teaming ‘Together, Every One Achieves More’ productivity!

So in Right attitude, the need to serve our ambitious society,
Is itself a big paradox, enriching world and upholding humility

@ Copyright 2014 Priyavrat Thareja

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