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How the guise of inadvertent errors, at times caused due to poor insight into processes or foresight into systems, is exploited to stage a punishment for a devoted, learning- enthusiastic and young project manger is the essence of Arsonist’s Six Sigma Mystery in Robert Barry’s second book on Nan’s series. How the head nurse turned vice president of a hospital succeeds in motivating her peers to focus as followers so as to hone their hospital operation skills (Called Poka Yoke ( Fool Proofing)) is an icing of learning over a cake of gripping reading.

Nan’s Arsonist’s mystery revolves around a well deserved success of its central character – a practicing Nurse. She shows demonstrative success in her rightful indulgence in operations. Never to expect ridicule, albeit her spontaneous actions, like summoning up an alert for all users of Pace Making device at heart, did call for a small wrath of her Chief Operating Officer. Simultaneously there are enough bits and tips for the media professionals, the police and fourth estate alike, demonstrating the need of professionalism and understanding of how details must get transformed in studios. Exhibition of the requisite responsibilities by media, one who is credited with solving this arsonist’s mystery is also a redeeming feature. The conclusions are educating, though book’s 50 chapters (last but not least) leave the reader expecting a newer mystery in near future. Perhaps again in the setting of an hospital.
Arsonist’s 2nd Six Sigma mystery is however an independent read, yet it continues to reiterate the three rule paradigm of i) making processes robust by designing; use of checklists to avoid errors, ii) And if errors are still made, these are made evident, and iii) these are corrected to avoid losses, especially when every single error or opportunity is of life and death situation. The book is dramatic about the development of managerial qualities, and introduces human resource beneficiation and balancing quite interestingly. How the leadership builds trust with the staff and bestow paternalistic support for their employees, is also one of the learnings the bosses need to acquire.

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