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Engineers in’for’a’structure

Engineers and the infrastructure
are hand in glove, for progress,
with a synergy, as in a denture!
Each of its specializations ingresses,
A creation of wealth, and Accent‟ure.
For the mankind, albeit a cess,
that to ecology threatens a puncture.

However, it is the engineer,
working diligently, and with no fear
It is he, who maintains due balance
between all costs, to add significance,
weighing its growth potential, and stance!

When losses and threats are queer?
The engineer wields the pleasures,
to society, and in it welds all the gaps;
S/he provides a quality infrastructure,
and the quality s/he melodiously raps:
“I am the Creater, - an engineer,
with passion to raise societal structure,
creating Net Worth for all the peers,
You and I, inspite of every conjecture”!

© 2016, Priyavrat Thareja ( eNVVY #3, March 2016)
Faculty of Engineering & Technology
Editorial –2 - I

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