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Wiki acclaims her, for her ingenuity,
to aptly apply scientific knowledge
towards developing robust solutions
for social and techno-commercial problems.

S/he, though is termed an engineer,
but in reality is an adventurous applicator,
of science, common science, and the sense,
all in essence, as a commercial venture.

We all differentiate, at our will,
the commonalities of scientific knowledge,
Where Value addition is another privilege,
so as to create a high net worth society,
and forge success over a lucky anvil.

That makes an engineer worthy
to add value she works in a foundry
Melting metal, she casts shapes and shapes casts
that makes chips, and then integrated circuits
carrying value, data, and wealth, even on corn-buts.

Say, you envisage a best case scenario,
integrating an engineers’ preferred premise
So as to make our universe a paradise,
and heaven on earth that she endows now.

© 2016, Priyavrat Thareja

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