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Driving an Engineer to success so dear, dear
It calls for an engine, put in front or rear,
As pulling is easier, while it has no weight to bear!
Ah! Bookish impacts and principles are so queer,
At times, it puts all common science to tears!

Thus to perform in a dichotomous state,
follow a twin objective of wealth creation,
amidst constraints of a fiscal deficit situation!
for a pragmatically optimized application
accentuate ‘productivity’ producing celebration.

Viz. in a transport scenario: “Safety comes first”
seen from a societal perspective or as self interest.
The dichotomy comes, unless speed was kept at rest,
As high speeds puts essentially Safety to test.

Moreover speed calls for faster fuel,
So as to develop more power to pull,
But an engineer strives,
to conserve fuel and run more miles;
save road’s grace, albeit inside vehicle more space,
Luxurious interiors all, but for a cheap price
To win dichotomies becomes an engineer wise.

Thus, ‘You’, an engineer in making,
Need be vibrant in innovating,
And in principles no significant shaking,
For when higher and higher gets your speed,
Higher is the need for instantaneous breaking.

© 2016 Priyavrat Thareja

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