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Poem on Y2K ( Year 2000 Problem for computers).

Do you comprehend
the Computer professionals‘ stance to
lay special significance,
on approaching Year 2000?
It‘s because that, they entail, new year 2000,
in terms of Y2K,
afflicts a computers dooms day.

Why 2K? when they ask why?
―Was every thing not Okay
in Format mm/dd/yy‖ ?
Say, to the numeral “yy”,
you add one,
and be surprised!
It bears value none!

’cause it may forget the New “One”
so rather push it as mm/dd/yyyy..

Thus you computer Buff!
“Relax” ! Why 2 worry?
When you are quite ready,
For Y2K conformability
of your coveted System,
So you can look forward,
to the onset of next millennium.

© 1999, Priyavrat Thareja
Ref. Express Computer, 27 Dec 1999

also in OmniScience : A Multi-disciplinary Journal
Holean Education – The Paradigm For Thee, Volume 1, Issue 1, January, 2011, Page 17. © STM Journals 2010. All Rights Reserved. 1

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