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Casting Defects, may GOD bless!

Two foundry stalwarts!
Disgruntled over the affairs in their foundries,
With fear and tears in their eyes,
Were exchanging notes over the defects in their castings,
that showed up uninvited, amidst absence of all greetings,
again, and again, belying all systems, and indulging(s).

Perturbed over Gas, Cavities, Scabs and blow Holes,
The foundry stalwarts had no clues to cure
except that, either they took happenings while lying,
Accusing each other for finding ‘none of their mis-doings’
Or, update and try to comprehend their process systems,
using ‘quality and computer based’ Foundry Expert systems.

The pace of their (the foundry stalwarts) deliberations however,
were none-the-less never cold and queer,
Because all foundry operations exhaustingly rear,
Various defects, be them some:- either cold or Hot Tear,
Even if the poor Foundryman with no intentions to spare,
left no stones unturned, to restrict defects to appear,

But these defects: incorrigible scions of Devil
Have constant urge to turn our foundries into hell.
Into them, ruthlessly they crawl themselves in,
and brink each faithful operation of yours to sink.
While, ensuring that the quality systems in their trails,
are misled to follow no rules, and exigent them to fail.

A bit split, he says ‘Don’t weep!’ warns one foundryman.
This moisture will moisten my molds and cores will swell.
The consumption of Alcohol is already very high;
expeditiously used in burning the molding sand to dry,
or in keeping up the spirits of workers high.
Thus each tiny conduct of ours may be vital:
well! One tear of yours can have consequences so suicidal.

So, some where tuned-in the metal-tone; with song no 1:
in it foundryman counseled and consoled the second one!
It chorused! “Control your Temper and Supercool Brother!
Plan to optimise your parameters, while you finish supper,
though inclusions and Stress are harmful for your health,
Inhomogeneities here have prohibited incoming of wealth”.

“Well! The country’s foundry scenario has remained tight;
yet, closures of foundry’s abroad made situation bright,
so let’s conquer all ‘defected’ accumulations of Scrap,
Go; remelt it over, ‘cause hedged, the foundry turns to crap.
Just to, beware! Before that spear to plug all defect-traps.
Or, Dame Luck forbid, if some success is still wanting,
“God Bless My Foundry” you must begin enchanting”.

© 2001, Prof Priyavrat Thareja

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