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What is ‘Sound Mold’?
Ask a foundry man.

“as good as gold”,
replies the foundryman.
`cause the enterprise,
challenges the molder with a quick guise,
to provide a cavity sufficiently manor,
for dear metal, to pour in clear,
inclusions free and laminar,
so as to sleep night…….
to be morning tight!

For the mold to incorporate auxiliaries subsystems
viz. Sound gating, and sound risering:

The Room; (Mold)
The room be rosy, smooth, tight fitting, ventilated and cozy,
With streamlined inlets, in-gates, chokes et al,
Full reservoirs necessitated,
Exothermed and padded,
Lest the sound metal, a wee bit uncomfortable,
Pour short, be dirtier, blow holed as in a stable

In that case numerous defects are likely to show up and mold is in rage.

The mold,
The mold like a sensitive wife,
Gets short, spot with tears in her eyes,
Hot over the Foundrymen, if he is not wise,
To his high-quality methoding advice.

Failing which, there is the pending divorce,
Of the turbulent,
Unwieldy metal,
Duty unsatisfied from the mold.

The mold, amidst those sins,
scabs with rage, and dilates with pins,
Apart, forgetting being unidirectional,
Is likely to boil, broil and fin,
Over either a party line,
Mold breakage or dowel pin.

© 1996 Priyavrat Thareja

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