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If you ever asked a foundryman,
how often with your foundry did you flirt?
He would have said “I’m proud to be a foundrymen”,
but I do pity, the profession is full of dirt

Foundries full of dirt, and all-around sand,
Binder’s, Flue gas, silica flour, and slag.
But, think of the good environs where works my lad,
He ‘Peter’ denies replacing me, when I were dead.

Say, such air-conditioned environment is implied
when youngsters in computers will specialize,
then obviously, dirty vocation ought to starve
of manpower and right brains; No hires enthrall.

But, in case of my lad, Peter I have no regrets,
because money in computers is big which he gets,
leaving pea-nuts for rest of our best brains, I bet
I can’t certainly force him renounce that set!

Force him renounce the set, and return to foundry!
Make Peter proud! while envy foundryman-Henry,
Who bees in dirty environs? Heat, dirt and dust.
Albeit meager returns, in being CEO is the lust,

Yet! Peter would return as foundryman proud
and bring in along with him youngsters all stout,
if and after we have cleansed our foundry systems,
When each sand particle is audited and recycled.

Each particle is audited, and its culture monitored,
With it goes the trust and foundrymen’s reliance;
With intricate shapes, diverse cooling rates dictated,
Mantras get amply revalidated, justifying sustenance.

Sustenance implies: each sand particle is used with austerity,
It’s possible when each sand particle in mold is set cleverly,
And where each drop of metal returns a sound casting,
Alas! Each casting adds to mother-earth a greener thing

© 1999 Priyavrat Thareja

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