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A Marathon continues
of Unfettered and untiring participants
who have rather anxiously awaited…
‘perhaps for the like of a previous baton to arrive’

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The Guys and Gals of my Hind

In a country as old as Hind,
There lived some Guys and Gals in Pradesh Sind
The Gals never did use their mind,
That’s why they got severely left behind,
And the guys rolled on to fall in line!
No wonder they followed the scent of daffodils in wind!
And that complacency allowed Sind drift away from Hind

© 2005 Priyavrat Thareja

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Casting Defects, may GOD bless!

Two foundry stalwarts!
Disgruntled over the affairs in their foundries,
With fear and tears in their eyes,
Were exchanging notes over the defects in their castings,
that showed up uninvited, amidst absence of all greetings,
again, and again, belying all systems, and indulging(s).

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om6.jpgAum! I seek solace in your continuum.

Aum! And with your sound so conceives a genome,
Piercing through the pious Halo of Shiva’s Namo’
who in His Jata bears a stream of Ganga pure.
And oceanic murmur of Elixir, quite real, de’thrones.
with permanence of life! Sustainable as ice for sure,
No verve thus could enliven it real; none but Aum!

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