Asked to attempt any Four Questions; Question no 1 is compulsory,
There are a total of Five, the subjective choice is as gifting a mercy,
Well! If one were attentive in the class, answering be Missionary!
Failing which, what learning can one expect with all that ‘hear-say’?

‘Have you completed home assignments?’ It deserves a big Why?
Why should I be asking you? You will know, the question says so!
Come and wear the shoes of your teacher, See he passes you how?
Or may be put a dumb fellow there after programming him though!

There is modeling new, and exploratory diagram for options a few ;-)
Say all Hows an improved performance the Cupola will give you?
That gives a big number the deeper you go into the technology here
But the exercise will be satisfying for marks now or performance later!

Purpose is in learning, by assimilating all notes or using a poem this ;-)
It is like a blind model of the question paper, how it is what you link!
Simulate fluxing your mind with info ;-) this closing all ‘known’ gaps,
Say collect all -net worth resources & compile all notes you must have!

Degrees of Freedom you may choose, pour in ideas or you may loose,
The objectives are multiple choices, with wrongs marks one may lose
However if confidence calls a beginning, Extent of loss one can choose
Tightening the grip on subject is essential, while on frigidity u can muse.

© 2006 Priyavrat Thareja

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