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Coming Soon to IMAX, Mystic India
Mystic India is an amazing true story about an 11-year-old boy, who spent 7 years crossing 8,000 miles alone on one incredible journey. about Mystic India
Through the magic of IMAX, you can experience India’s intricate architecture, colorful festivals, traditional rituals, fascinating peoples and landscapes. With a cast of 45,000, Mystic India was filmed in over 100 locations all over India, from the freezing Himalayas to the scorching deserts. This epic journey opens September 20.
Mystic India, the first epic large-format film on India, follows the journey of an extraordinary 11-year-old child named Neelkanth as he treks for 7 years, 8,000 miles, barefoot across the length and breadth of India. Walking with this young yogi, experience the colorful traditions and festivals of an ancient land, explore a diverse country of deserts, tropical forests, mountains, and plains, and introduce yourself to over a billion people who speak 18 different languages and over a thousand dialects.

Mystic India is a journey of exploration, a journey of education, but above all else a journey of inspiration. Through all its colors, breathtaking landscapes, and intriguing faces, Mystic India has one simple message - the universally inspiring message of Unity in Diversity. As he narrates the film, Peter O’Toole highlights the theme of Neelkanth’s journey: “We are all one people; we share the same sky, walk the same earth, breath the same air; that we are a single human family.”

Filmed by award winning cinematographer Reed Smoot, directed by the respected Keith Melton, with music by the renowned Sam Cardon, Mystic India has been acclaimed at film festivals around the world. In Paris, Mystic India took the “Audience Choice Award” at the 10th Annual International Large Format Film Festival. From Singapore to San Jose, the accolades keep rolling in for Mystic India.

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1. Posted byJoeBruzzese on September 21st, 2006 at 5:09 am

Priyavrat thank you for sharing your brilliance with the world in this post. Confirming what I know to be true through my own experience, that our world shares the common bonds of diversity and bringing people together to value the diversity, perhaps through a collaborative endeavor, will result in a true inspiration and source of energy for the ages. Thanks for reminding us that the world’s diversity can offer us incredible opportunity. I look forward to seeing the IMAX film.
– Joe Bruzzese
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2. Posted byAnkit on October 6th, 2006 at 10:20 pm

Excellent site! Beautiful design, so soothing to eyes.

Sir, if you can share more details regarding this movie, that wouldbe great. Any idea if we would be able to catch it here locally

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