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News Report in National Daily; The Tribune MARKET PULSE
Decline in foundry industry
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 30
The number of foundries has nearly halved since liberalisation process had set in nearly a decade ago. The decline has not still been arrested, although it is now not at that pace. India is now the sixth largest producer of casting in the world. Since the labour productivity is low and technology at lower end with a poor capacity utilisation of 40 to 45 per cent from 5,500 odd units, India could only boast of having higher number of casting units only next to China, which is the third largest producer of casting. In spite of the shake out, our total tonnage of casting produced remained almost status quo during the past five years and this had a reason to be jacked up if the Indian industry achieves total ‘competitiveness’.

Citing the reasons there to Prof P. Thareja, Chairman of the Institute of Indian Foundrymen, Chandigarh, exhorted the foundrymen to undergo a “achieve competitiveness” impetus. Talking about global trends of metal casting industries, he explained that not only there has to be accent on a superior set of metal, and metallurgy (like SG Irons, which is replacing steels, and cast irons, and even malleable iron), the foundrymen have to consider them in terms of total austerity in consumption of raw materials through design and material selection.

Addressing a meeting of the institute, Prof Thareja, talked about possible solutions in terms of newer technologies and manufacturing process. He said one should now not think of composite casting, but parts there of. To the extent of molten metal droplets, each particle has to be oriented, for possible positioning with a view to cheap mould or component development. He said each particle has to be accounted for and audited only if such measures are undertaken the cost cutting impetus you could be programmed as a reality.

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