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An Abstract Learning of Dislocations
Locating Dislocations

If ‘Location’ is critical in Supply Chain ergo-(eco)nomics,
So does it prevail in strength of Materials and its dynamics.
For it is in location of a dislocation determining its character,
Until they move, plasticity is not possible in metal’s Charter,
But when they stop to interlock, Strength redeems kinematics.

Though ‘Dislocation’ are Humble, and stopped by Ledge,
They move or fight and to material properties they sabotage,
When they get nasty and brawl, expect some workhardening,
During ‘Metal working’ they cause deformations and swing,
Frank (ly) they swell on Sourcing in Reed’s Aged patronage.

Well! ‘Dislocation’ are of two types: Screw and Edge,
Yes ‘Thy mercy my soul”, it is a Metallurgists’ Pledge,
Scared of climb and jog, to distinguished areas they Flog,
but return scores of versatility and value addition as blog,
Alas shaping & re-shaping capacity were part of its hedge!
EdgeEdge dislocations…….Screw DislocationScrew dislocations
Edge dislocations are characterized by an extra plain,
As if atoms at a line or active plane were acutely slain!
in a group they skid over all in bulk, as if parted by a sledge,
Only if that’s repeated in, that may give rise to some wedge,
If circumstances allow the rise by a Burgers vector of Slip Plane.

Striving to grow, she dissected a Screw Dislocation,
Unfortunately that made no Change in its constitution;
Except that the Burger’s vector was found changed,
And the dislocation geometry now accepts a reframe,
A vicious Screw, its multiplication lies in its distribution.

© Prof Priyavrat Thareja 2005
More Technical Poems to follow
Essence Of Quality

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1. Posted byPriyavrat Thareja on March 30th, 2007 at 2:44 pm

How does the Screw Dislocation transform into an Edge Dislocation?

Follow through the animation:

But Beware, you will be using the Back arrow to come back on this page.

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