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Quality Quotation Quality is Implicit. By the end of First decade of 21st century, Quality should become a way of life. It will be an important discipline for students to study, for industries to invest, and for workers practice and excel.

Published in Quotable Quotes page,
Management Systems Awareness, Issue 6
NCQM (National Centre of Quality management, Ajmer),
Excerpted from article in ‘Quality World’, Sept 2006

Also look for posts of Shabana Azmi, Bollywood actress, Girdhar J Gyani (Quality Council of India, QCI etc), John E (Jack) West (Quality Digest etc in same jpg pic.

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1. Posted byKeshav Ram Singhal on June 4th, 2007 at 11:02 am

Prof Thareja is a well known writer in the field of Quality and his various articles have been published in the “Quality World” - a renowned Quality monthly. I am very much impressed by his thoughtful articles.
With kind regards,
K. R. Singhal,
Centre Coordinator,
NCQM, Ajmer Centre.

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