The Quality of output is, invariably, directly dependent upon that of the participating constituents, some of which are sustainably and effectively controlled, and others which are as complex as a possible interaction between the Head and Heart of people. So, while ‘People’ remain a critical and yet inevitable input in even a fully automated process, yet they are as ubiquitous in control as TQM (Total Quality Management) could be.

Hence it may be understandable as to why higher sophistication of automated processes renders more difficulty in managing people too; while industrial sophistication is proportional to the complexity of the people who must govern those processes. It is vital to first agree with the fore statement of this aforesaid paradigm about the trend of today’s industrial development. Next, the second requirement of improving the Quality of people tends to overtake the first imperative. Truly, the requirements of improving peoples’ excellence takes a front seat today (vis-a-vis the recent attempts of improving merely the Competency and/or Quality of people). It is because the People are the basic growth paths and/or the communicating channels of the organization. The people are the resources whose combined ‘Aura’ causes a brilliance which has a potential of big Brilliance, as makes the sun. Though the sun is there at limited hours, yet people are ever there, Omnipresent, to contribute to improvements; continually.

Excellent People and the People


Excellent People and the People in QualityWorld

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24 X 7 Quality
or Mapping for a Quality Organisation

Thae article is available at:
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Priyavrat Thareja

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Sorry, The previous link needs be bugged.
In the mean time the one in December 2006 is linked across
Improving Quality Performance by measurements at Shop Floor

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Very nice Mannu!!


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