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Lesser Category of Obstacles: pointed out by Dr Deming:

1. Neglect of long-range planning.
2. Relying on technology to solve problems.
3. Seeking examples to follow rather than developing solutions.
4. Excuses such as “Our problems are different”.

The Seven Deadly Diseases:

1. Lack of constancy of purpose.
2. Emphasis on short-term profits.
3. Evaluation by performance, merit rating, or annual review of performance.
4. Mobility of management.
5. Running a company on visible figures alone.
6. Excessive medical costs.
7. Excessive costs of warranty, fueled by lawyers who work for contingency fees.

Await the 4 part series on D(R)E(A)MING FOR A QUALITY WORLD beginning June 2007 issue, authored by Prof Priyavrat Thareja

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