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A Total Quality Organization Thro’ People
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Quality marks itself as a prerequisite to ‘meet customer’s requirements’, through maintaining ‘fitness of the product’ as per customers requirements. The wish-list of the customer is always changing, w.r.t what the customer got from you/ your competitor, or can negotiate, can pay for, can envisage how to make you to expect exceeding of his (customer’s) requirements, and so on. However it all depends upon the ‘Strategic’ choice of how much a customer deserves to be delighted, or how much investments are made into process improvements vis-a-vis design or new technology and so on. The strategic decision of costing vis-à-vis change of designs, tolerances Vs specifications, decision to make or outsource etc have always baffled the techno-manger or a foundryman. However most of such decisions will be influenced by the question as to how much quality may be built-in in the casting?
Such aforementioned questions do deliberate on the strategic need of designing Quality into the product, the system and so on. For, the state of Total Quality in an Organisation is a function of the rate at which quality improvement impetus succeeds. There so, this paper, despite slowing a spanner into the usual casting process, attempts to enlist various parameters the control of which would amount to a sustainable founding practice, and also illustrate as to how the platitudes of common founding practice can be controlled using a judicious strategy?

Key Words: Enterprise development, 5-C (Customer, Culture, Capacity, Competence, and Creativity) Competition.

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