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A Total Quality Organization Thro’ People
(Part 11) Insulate the People from Quantity
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The complex of Quality and the challenge of quantities have always been an exercise bothering People (including managements). The race (in business process) to meet pressing delivery schedules, and ever increasing quantities, has always threatened ‘Quality’, to the extent of causing a vicious circle. Through this paper the author re-emphasizes the need to re-educate the people over shouldering a higher responsibility for addressing this need of Quality. The paper addresses the benefits of following up this need of new Quality-and- enthuses the people and organization to continue their Learning. To meet such challenges the author prescribes a new role for the Managements to promote of 3 i’s (invigouration, innovation, and invention) in place of Numerical goals, and leave the people to enjoy their roles. Albeit while seeking the pertinent ground-map for
nurse Quality the managements ensure the role of requisite accountability of people. Further they additionally assume the requirement of addressing the balance between QvQ as deduced from the performance analysis of People.

Key Words: QvQ (Quality versus Quantity), Founding Knowledge (FK), Deming 14 points, Quality Culture, Quantity Approvals, , Learning Organizations, Pollution Factor

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