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Total Quality Organization Through People

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‘People’ are an important and inevitable input into every process even if it were a fully automated one. Though people have been around to contribute towards design and development or a higher level supervision of the processes, yet the processes have invariably suffered at the hands of either Qualitative negligencies and/or techno-emotional incompetencies. Because the fields of design and development are complex and required a careful planning and conduct, the lack of matching excellence has been felt in Foundry industry too. Further, higher is the level of supervision, more are the requisites regarding their Competency and/or Quality attributes. ‘From whom and how such attributesare resourced’ is one of the most common challenges all the organizations face. Competent people have always been in short supply. But never again, if such talents were effectively deployed in enviable positions, especially when such people have the wherewithal to clone and/or synthesize with the environment to make that special impact. So in order to let the impacts of aggregate of common and special people be experienced in larger magnitudes, than what is expected out of the simple sum of all individuals considered in that aggregate, a strategic alignment of Excellent People and the People is called for.This paper is an attempt to explore the role the excellent people may demonstrate in common environments, andwhy should the environment or the people be influenced towards freedom from defects or for excellence.

Key Words: Organisational Development, Quality Teams, Radiating Excellence, Mediocrity, Culture and Competence

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