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A Total Quality Organization Thro’ People

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Any decision making process needs a base: of data, information, logical analysis, capability and risk taking. A small decision like moisture control in our Foundries practically has large repercussions, while a decision of smaller hierarchy (of limiting the Founding defects to say Zero Defect or six sigma level or even 5 sigma level) can have very large repercussions. The situation is therefore fuzzy. To what extent the moisture be appended over yesterday’s log in mulling of molding sand for green sand process (because it had rained a day before) is another fuzzy decision. Why our people are required to be equipped for correct decision making, and to what extent, is the purpose of this paper.

Two kinds of Fuzziness concurrently prevail in human minds. Shall I pour in the (repaired) mold, or discard it since the metal is deficient (just sufficient to fill in one for last)? Next one would be more reliable and can be poured instead. There is thus a tremendous fuzziness/ indecisiveness in testing process. Don’t reject and one becomes a zero defect organization. Reject all you one becomes a Zero (zero defect) supplier. The decision making today is in the hands of shop-floor people, who are compelled to graduate and embrace more responsibility. The smaller, mechanically-oriented day2day operations are increasingly being relegated to mechanized equipments, expert and Fuzzy controls and so on.

The organizations also turn more and more organic each day, while the technical organization (technical people) gets more complex each day within competitive and control pressures which tend to make them rigid. Thus within the organization itself too, the fuzziness prevails at a high level. This paper is thus an attempt to enthuse organizations to improve their structure; improving systems and their synthesis for improving functional capability, while horizontally limiting the core competencies to achieve competitive needs of Foundry industry.

Key Words: +ve attitude, Moisture control in green sand process, management of change, Foundry competitiveness, Zero Defect

Thareja P (2007), ‘A Total Quality Organization Thro’ People (Part 12) CAUGHT IN FUZZYNESS OF OUTPUT AND PERFECTION’; FOUNDRY, An Indian Journal of progressive metal casters, Vol XIX No 6, Nov/Dec 2007

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