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+ ve Attitude

Quality, at-times, can lag Costs; while at a race of competition
An Organisation’s Run may sometimes be biased in intention,
Yet, people and people only control any ill-Quality intervention,
Including threats to process or product Quality preservation,
No common endeavor, ever, is belied amidst global frustration.

In the Quest, and to lay an unwielding and all-firm foundation,
Winning Challenging tasks is a game-plan used by all nations,
So they deploy Tasks on all time bouts or exercise@marathons;
used Priya’s 3 ‘i’s: Invigouration, innovation and invention,
Yet futile, ‘all-in-vain’ shouts from various training sessions.
Caused, because, something plausibly put-off the ‘celebration’.

As and when, one puts such non-conformances to tests?
Customer Concern and profit motives seriously contest,
The Quick mandates of Quality one affords not to forget.
The triad of Quality, Culture, tools and techniques abets.
New ‘Secret of Success’ emerges as what the data begets!

So, hone a +ve Attitude in People, for executions at best,
Sure thoughts, zen of values, and morals, in right earnest,
balanced for pious objectives; and for them all a big quest;
That concurrent realization of these is deep in the mind-set,
Such endeavours deserve that you devour good values intact.

So results go ‘squared’, as positivity makes deeper impacts.

© 1999- 2007, Priyavrat Thareja

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