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Wanna Attract a bit of successes into your life ?

One can attempt to Redefine your definition of success.

Here is the method:

Create a personalized list of “Top 10’s” for the year.

Your lists might include “Top 10 Hurdles I Overcame in 2007″ and “Top 10 New People I Met in 2007″ and “Top 10 Accomplishments in My Career (Marriage, Friendships, Parenting, Art, etc) in 2007″.

Recently on Indian was chosen as the Greatest thinker of the time . He is Dr C K Prahlad

Mukesh Ambani is duly chosen as the richest man of the world!

………. Bill Bill, He has Challenged your will.
………. Must one not hate, who controls all the Gates
………. to the hard store of Riches,
………. like Ambani who crossed over qll the glitches!
………. Well come 2008
………. more indians break over more Gates!

Well The Taj Mahal at Agra was voted in as one of the Seven wonders of the world. It scored # 4th.

Incidently I believe Taj Mahal was not amongst the first Four wonders of India, in a survey carried out by The Times of India, New Delhi ;-(

Well! In a Millionaires One By One Group, the members had come up with these ideas as well:

“Top 10 Dinners of 2007″

“Top 10 Glasses of Wine in 2007″

“Top 10 Things I Did for Myself in 2007″

“Top 10 New Connections I Made in 2007″

“Top 10 Books of 2007″

“Top 10 Movies of 2007″

You can also use this as a device to step into 2008 by following up with several new Top 10’s focusing on the future.

“Top 10 Conversation Starters in 2008″

“Top 10 New Books to Read in 2008″

“Top 10 Places I Want to Go in 2008″

“Top 10 Ideas to Research in 2008″

“Top 10 Intriguing People I Want to Get to Know in 2008″

Over the next several days, begin building your lists. For some of your lists, you may come up with more than a Top 10. That’s perfectly fine. Keep going until the day you initially assigned as the cut off date. Then really whittle it down to the best of the best of your list. You might make December 28 your goal for completion of your “rough draft” lists and then laser in by the end of the month.

As the year continues to wind down, spend some focused time congratulating yourself on your victories this year.

Look to those victories to begin to create a framework for 2008.

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