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Our (Indian) Higher Education is in crisis.

Do we agree?

British Aerospace recently threatened to establish its own university in the UK because it couldn’r find enough engineering graduates who were up to its standards.

So are coments from Infosys and many others…

Economic growth has increased the returns to education dramatically enough to set off a mad scramble to acquire education. Even the poorest rural households have internalized the imperative of acquiring education to survive in the new knowledge-based economy.
What the public doesn’t understand is that colleges help society as a whole, and that more people benefit than the graduates themselves.

Oh! where is the crisis?
href=””>“The public doesn’t see higher education in crisis., Some of us may see that, but the public isn’t convinced of that, and even if they were, the public isn’t ready to take on yet one more crisis,” with Iraq and other issues already center stage, Ikenberry said. “The public may well be in crisis overload.”

But getting this education is, unfortunately, not always easy.
Public education is supposedly universally available but it is largely dysfunctional—teachers often don’t turn up to class, and when they do, they impart little of value to students.

Who else is in crisis?
Ethiopian Higher Education in Crisis1
Education in Malysia: Higher Education in Crisis , Even Education in Australia: Declining Quality? at this blog

American higher education in crisis and if so, what kind? What should we, as its leaders and representatives, be doing about it? …

Are we still loosing base?
Can the teachers do something?
Does the onus lie on Society?
Are students themselves partly responsible?

What can we do to abate/ rectify?

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