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The People must always work in a team is constantly reiterated. However until each link of the chain is strong enough, prosperity in the system can not be achieved to its fullest designed state. Unfortunately all People are not trained to perform to their highest efficiency as yet. The threshold level is very low @ 10 %. This paper exemplifies why and how the train of people may be trained to produce results. While calling them all to demonstrate intrpreneurship, the need of the hour is to ensure people strive to pursue innovation and knowledge at each step. The goal to further their zest towards enterprise’ sustainability and growth should take on the priority.
Mapping through the growth of erstwhile industrialization the author attempts to model the increasing accent on operator’s knowledge and functionality with time. The attributes for intrapreneurial growth of people in new environment, their humanistric traits to achieve such competencies and some solutions to meet critical success factors (CSF) have been analysed and recommended in this paper. The accent is on improving people’s intrpreneurship.

P Thareja, (2007 ), A Total Quality Organisation Through People: (Part 13) : ‘COMPETENT INTRAPRENEURSHIP’ , FOUNDRY, An Indian Journal For Progressive Metal Casters, Vol XX, No 1, Jan/Feb. pp xx-xx. (Communicated)

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