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Banish Nature-unfriendly Acts

My Target was to limit 5 words in each line, a line of 2 sentences of two words and three words each.Hope it woorks. This is an Experiment in its own right in Poetry :-)

Lavish acts allure! Notoriety matures!
Concerns get sore! Austerity bores!
Why unsanitary conditions reign more?

Beauty gets scoured! Deepening furor!
Deep to Core! Toxicity galore!
Still! People continue muddling more!

In spite of uproar! Rogues endure!
Niggardly levels impure! Mounting score!
Man! Why contaminate Nature more?

Mulch to Manure! Bacteria devour!
Bias of folklore! Regenerated décor!
Folks! Cleanliness you deserve more!

Purity adores! Filtering through pores!
Pollutants make roar! Safety obscure!
Banish! these people polluting more!

(c)Copyright 2003 Priyavrat Thareja

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