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Hi all Graduate students,
The work you have done needs to be parked some where.
1. Could you remove spelling and grammer errors.
2.some 15 + ( but pertinent references, dulyy tagged)
3. Pros and cons? do not forget cons ..these are importnat.
4 All seven basic requirements of paper, we discussed in class.

To be successful in 1st go, we have to cater to the Journal’s own requirements. Generally an extensive bibliographic search should be conducted for articles, reports, papers, and books which meet rigorous selection criteria as a scholarly publication or as a controlled study. Furthermore, not only journal look for a diversity of results pertaining to the use of online resources and tools in the subect, but a great amount of attention should be paid to the conditions,attributes or circumstances surrounding their effective use in order to bring useful information to readers, teachers, researchers, educational administrators, and policy makers.

Thank you,

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