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The Organisational People
( Part-16 : Each One is Capable)

Dr Deming said, Trust your men,
Philip Crosby says: Let them be competent
While Juran, emphasized on Control,
Ishikawa notifies: Don’t tax Individuals more

They all work together, better in Teams,
Peter Senge: If they have better genes,
………. they will master their arts well!
Fiegenbaum: Fool proof systems are swell,

You say: is that the recipe for success.
Succeed you must, there’s a bad Quality cess?
Priyavrat: Until a Quality culture you possess!
you bet! Till ‘Possitivity’ becomes your Asset!

Professes Covey: Hurry, sharpen your Axe
Taguchi: To run faster, cleverly Design up laces
But, before that, reinforce your systems to test…
Poka Yoke will make product realization fastest

Yet, ‘basic Competence is the basis’ we all agree…
Until with dame luck we derive the analogy!
Win-Win criteria for personnel development is best,
For Quality, only capable people nurse the quest!

© copyright 2008 Priyavrat Thareja

Ref: Thareja P ( 2008), “A Total Quality Organisation Thru’ People (Part 16: Each One is Capable)”, FOUNDRY, Vol XIX, No 4, JULY/AUGUST, 2008

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1. Posted bySaurabh Jagota on June 13th, 2008 at 10:07 pm

Benefits of doing QMS
1. Provides a universal approach
2. Facilitates business and quality planning
3. Assists in establishing operational baselines and enterprise alignment
4. Operationalizes and procedralizes quality
5. Makes internal operations more efficient and effective
6. Corporate walls come down; people communicate better
7. Ensures product development and design changes are controlled
8. Increased Efficiency
9. Factual Approach to Decision Making
10. Continuous Improvement Cycle of a management system results in savings:
• $117,000 in annual savings on average (range: $25,000 - $500,000)
• plus $77,000 in additional on-time savings in first year

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